10 Great Coworking Havens in Paris for the 2024 Olympics

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10 Great Coworking Havens in Paris for the 2024 Olympics

With the 2024 Summer Olympics approaching, Paris is gearing up to host hordes of crowds from across the globe. Though exciting, all those extra folks roaming the city will cram public spaces and cafés more than usual.

If you seek more peaceful spots to work or collaborate during the Olympics madness, explore these 10 wonderful coworking oases across Paris. They provide everything from community hubs to lavish amenities at various price points.

Discover your optimal match to escape the hubbub and work in tranquillity!


1. Coworking Hubsy: Cafe Ambiance on a Budget

Nestled in a charming corner of the 3rd arrondissement, Hubsy fuses a coworking space with a cosy cafe. For just €20 per day or €5 hourly, you can settle in with your laptop and enjoy unlimited artisanal coffee, tea, and bites.

The amiable baristas craft tasty treats and maintain a relaxed ambience. With complimentary WiFi, printers, and whiteboards, you have all you need for hours of productivity. Rise early to catch the peaceful morning hours before most cafe crowds arrive.

If an affordable, casual spot for solo work fits the bill, Hubsy is spot on. While they lack private meeting rooms, the cafe seating enables small group collaboration.


2. Coworking Wojo: Community and Connections

Wojo operates coworking across Paris, focused on cultivating workplace communities. Their meeting rooms begin at a mere €20 hourly, ideal for small groups.

In their shared work areas, you can find a desk starting at €15 monthly. Private office choices are accessible too, from €400 per month. Complimentary coffee, happenings, and community happy hours enable networking.

Whether you're new in the city or eager for connections, Wojo's engaging atmosphere makes meeting new acquaintances a breeze. When you need a break, game rooms, patios, and lounges provide spots to recharge.


3. Coworking Deskopolitan: An Urban Sanctuary

Tucked away in the 11th arrondissement, Deskopolitan is a tiny coworking oasis amidst the metropolis. What makes it shine are the outdoor patios, garden, and rooftop replete with veggie patches.

Deskopolitan offers flexible choices for solopreneurs to sizable teams. You can pay per hour (€5/hour) for a nomad desk or secure a resident desk for €600 per month. Private glass offices overlooking the garden start at €800 monthly.

The peaceful urban garden setting gifts a refreshing workspace. When you need an energy lift, grab organic bites and coffee from the onsite cafe.


4. Coworking MAIF Social Club: Community Rewards

The MAIF Social Club is a distinctive, nonprofit coworking hub hosted by an insurance firm. The biggest perk? It's 100% free of charge!

They provide 30 first-come desks and complimentary WiFi in a cheerful, art-laden corner. Because it's community-focused, you'll mingle with a spirited mix of entrepreneurs, creatives, and activists.

While no food or drinks are onsite, you can BYO or pop out to neighbouring cafes. Check their event calendar too - the Social Club hosts awesome no-cost workshops on everything from gardening to tech skills.


5. Coworking Morning: Bespoke Options in Paris

With nearly 20 well-situated locations around Paris, Morning is a favoured pick for tailored coworking. Private office rates start at €380 per desk monthly, with open coworking desks from €300.

Morning's design collective can construct gorgeous, branded offices suited to your crew. Gratuitous barista coffee and micro kitchens stocked with fruit and nibbles will keep you powered up.

Morning also avails paid workplace assistance like catered lunches, mail handling, and cleaning to simplify operations. If you want a polished coworking setting made to order, Morning provides.


6. Coworking Anticafé: Pay-Per-Hour Flexibility

Anticafé flips the standard coworking model with their pay-per-hour system starting at only €5. Scan your badge when entering and exiting - you only pay for the exact time you stay, whatever accommodates your agenda.

With locations throughout Paris, you can work in whichever neighbourhood fits you best that particular day. The mood is casual and friendly, with unlimited coffee, tea, and bites to refuel.

Anticafé's flexibility makes dropping in for a quick freelance session or lengthy work marathon simple. They also have reservable meeting rooms and communal seating choices.


7. Eco Coworking La Recyclerie: Sustainability in Style

La Recyclerie is perfect for the eco-aware. This coworking/event hub is sustainably built from recycled materials inside a remodelled train station.

Their urban farm, workshops, flea market, and bistro spotlight environmental solutions. When working here, you'll be surrounded by people and enterprises focused on sustainability.

While the coworking space is gratis if you purchase food and drinks, note it's less private. La Recyclerie suits flexing your green ethos more than confidential client appointments. Don't miss their stellar sustainability programing.


8. Global Coworking WeWork: The Worldwide Leader

You’ve heard of this one for sure! With over a dozen locations across Paris, WeWork is a dominant global coworking provider. Their scale enables adaptable options to fit teams of all shapes and sizes.

WeWork outposts flaunt sleek aesthetics with neon accents and startup moxie. You can choose a monthly unassigned desk at €350 or assigned desk at €250 each month. Private offices accommodate small groups, opening at €650 monthly.

You'll benefit from WeWork's worldwide member network, happenings, and business assets. While pricing is higher, their superior facilities and community may warrant the cost for sizable or enterprise teams.


9. Luxury Coworking Kwerk: Wellness and Opulence

Kwerk provides executives seeking upscale Paris offices with panache. Alongside lavish lounges and a hip bistro, they present unusual wellness perks like yoga, gym classes, massages, and stillness gardens.

Expect premium rates for this luxury, beginning around €800 per desk monthly. Yet Kwerk's individuality entices those wanting greater ease - consider plush nap pods and private showers.

Kwerk's extensive event programming also impresses, from seminars with neuroscientists to wine tastings on a vine-covered patio. Seeking refinement in your coworking? Kwerk brings first-class flourishes.


10. The Bureau: High-End Hospitality

Hailed "a private club built for business," The Bureau furnishes exclusive hyper-luxury coworking in Paris. Select between flexible roaming (€425/month) or reserved desks (from €1990 monthly).

You'll network among Paris' executive elite in a workspace straight from the pages of Architectural Digest. Meeting rooms boast motifs like "The Gallery," meticulously designed for remarkable client meetings.

With Michelin-rated dining, Napa Valley wines, and suites to overnight, The Bureau constructs a lavish hospitality encounter. Those who can pay the price will bask in the quintessential Parisian palace for next-level productivity.


Find Your Optimal Spot!

While the dazzling happenings of Paris' 2024 Olympics beckon, tremendous crowds can hinder progress. Escape to one of these ten phenomenal coworking sanctuaries across the city to avoid the hustle and bustle.

From community hubs to private luxury lounges, you can uncover the right vibe for any work style. These creative coworking models also foster meaningful bonds between passionate people.

And of course, one great portable product to enhance your coworking experience is the Nexstand K1 laptop stand

This lightweight, collapsible stand raises your laptop screen for better ergonomics wherever you're working.

Want to make the most of the Paris picnic weather? For outdoor coworking spaces, the Base 12 sun shade is perfect for sun-free viewing while you catch up on your tan.

Why weather the mobs at packed cafes when you could be part of a dynamic coworking community? Explore these spots to find your perfect place to thrive.

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