Hold on tight you digital surfboarders!

Hold on tight you digital surfboarders!

The Future

It has been predicted in the Fragomen’s World Immigration Trends Report, that by 2035, One Billion people will be 'digital nomads'. That's a lot of you, reading this now who currently work from one place everyday, deciding that, actually there may be life outside of these four walls and let's go and see something of the world!

As Jonathan Beckman points out in his article in The Economist, as the cost of "buying a house becomes harder and remote working simpler, should we remain wedded to the idea of settling down?". His article on the rise of digital nomadism is just one of many which are commenting on the changing landscape of work and in particular a move away from corporate offices having to be the way to 'get things done'.

Whilst many companies try to come to terms with 'hybrid' working and allowing their teams to work between office and home, some are already embracing a future of 'work anywhere, any time' and are looking for tech solutions and management structuring that enables both synchronous and asynchronous working.

Surely nobody years ago would have considered that in the future work meetings would take place in swimwear in the sun for some, and in the rain on a mountain top for others and yet here we are working like this, not on holiday but as part of our 'normal' lifestyle! A realisation for many that life is too short to try and cram all the good bits into two weeks once a year on a holiday abroad!

This was all predicted back in 1964!

What you might be suprised to learn is that someone did actually predict this back in the day of formal suits and primitive computer technology. You won't however be suprised to learn that it was Arthur C. Clarke, a futurist and writer of the film “2001: A Space Odyssey”, who predicted digital nomads working from Bali in 2014, an eerily accurate prediction up to the specific year:

Getting ready for the future

Whilst work modes might be developing at a pace, one thing is for sure, us humans are not so good at keeping up with changing our habits to ensure we look after ourselves.

One of the main ways in which we get new business at NEXSTAND is when remote workers visit a co-working space, or a remote location and see other people using our product. If they have been working with devices like laptops and tablets in these places for any length of time, they will already have begun to realise that these portable digital solutions were never meant to be used for prolonged periods.

We hear the same story over and over again. Person walks into a bar, sees someone using a laptop stand, walks up to them and says 'what does that do", "It saves my back when I am working", the person replies, and say no more, next thing you know they are talking to us about how this is a game changer and 'why didn't I do it sooner'.

New ways of working require new tools! When laptops first came onto the market only a few people had them as they were so expensive and they were then for those who wanted to bring them out at a board meeting occasionally or trade show to show off. Now, it seems the world loves a device that you can take anywhere but your desk, chair and all those ergonomic adjustments you had in the office won't get on that plane or train with you. So we make mobile workstations that make even that small table on platform 7 more comfortable.

Are you getting ready for the changing world of work? Where will you be working by 2035? Could you be one of the billion people with no fixed abode?

Wherever you are, digital nomad or hybrid worker, be prepared and take your NEXSTAND with you.

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