The Best Laptop Stand Buying Guide 2022

The Best Laptop Stand Buying Guide 2022

These days laptop computers seem to be the preferred workstation for many. 

The freedom to work from home, the office, your local coffee shop or just about anywhere is one that is difficult to pass up. 

Although, while it’s convenient to have the option to work from almost anywhere, laptops are not without their pitfalls.

The biggest problem with laptops is that for most people the screen height is far too low. 

Laptop Stand Ergonomics

Looking down at your screen for extended periods of time can cause neck and muscle discomfort, sometimes leading to ongoing health issues. 

It can be hard enough at the best of times to focus on the work at hand. Having to work with aches and pains is surely going to affect your productivity.

With the average person sleeping around 6.5 hours a night and spending a 3rd of their life sleeping, we all know that investing in a good quality mattress is important for physical health and wellbeing.

The same is true for investing in a proper work setup, especially as the average worker spends 6.5 hours a day sitting at their computer laptop. 

Man using a laptop stand

With a thoughtfully selected laptop stand as part of your desk setup you can raise your screen to eye-level which will correct your posture, reduce tension in your muscles and boost your productivity

Additionally you get the added benefit of improving your laptop’s performance and extending its life by increasing the airflow underneath, keeping your laptop cool and running smoothly. 

We’ve put together a list of the features you need to pay attention to when purchasing the best laptop stand to suit your needs.


Carrying laptop stand

No one likes to cart around big, bulky accessories. 

It’s annoying and the extra weight can be taxing on your back. 

You need a stand that’s easy to take with you wherever you’re going to be working from.

And we’re not just talking about weight - we’ll get to that shortly. 

Get yourself a stand that folds down to a small and compact size. 

Laptop stand in bag

It should fit nice and snug in your bag or laptop case, and allow room for other things you’ll likely need for work. 

If you’re constantly on the move, or work from multiple locations, a portable laptop stand is essential. 

Even if you work from home most of the time, wouldn’t it be good to take your stand with you should you need it elsewhere? We think so. 


Using a laptop for any length of time, without a stand, is likely to cause discomfort and muscle aches. 

Why? Because you’re probably having to look down at your laptop screen. 

This forces your body into an awkward posture where your neck is craned and your back is hunched over your laptop.

This is exactly the problem that the laptop stand seeks to solve.

By raising the height of your laptop screen - ideally to the point where the top of the screen is at eye level - you can correct your posture and work comfortably for longer without having to suffer. 

Make sure that the stand has different levels of height adjustment so you can set the height and angle that you feel the most comfortable.

“Get yourself a laptop stand that is adjustable in height and angle and attach a separate keyboard and mouse and you'll be much better off.” - Kirsty Angerer, Ergonomist


Laptop stand with weights

If you’re a freelancer or digital nomad, having a portable laptop stand is going to be at the top of your list.

As mentioned above, choosing a design that is foldable and is easily transported is important. 

But if the stand itself weighs a tonne it’s going to wear you down and probably wreak havoc on your back.

Choosing a stand that is lightweight will ensure you’re not being weighed down when moving from place to place along with all your other work gear.

You may be thinking that a lighter option might be more prone to tipping over or breaking. 

This is a legitimate concern, so make sure the stand has adequate grips that can secure your laptop safely and securely. 


Laptop stands are often made from either soft metals or hardy plastics. 

Whatever it’s made of you’ll want to make sure of two things;

Firstly ensure that it’s durable and can withstand a decent amount of weight. 

Natural air flow cooling

Secondly make sure the material is resistant to heat or has minimal contact on your laptop so there is sufficient airflow underneath to help keep it cool.

If you spend a lot of time on your laptop, ensuring it doesn’t get too hot will guarantee its longevity. 


Because laptop stands are a functional piece of equipment, it’s important that you opt for one that above all else, helps to correct your posture.

Choosing style over substance will inevitably place you at risk of developing serious back, neck and shoulder injuries. 

This is precisely the thing you want to avoid. 

That being said, there’s nothing wrong with choosing a stand that has a sleek and modern design.

Just ask yourself, will this actually help me in the long run or could it actually cause more problems? 

Choosing the best laptop stand for your workstation will likely have a profound impact upon your health and wellbeing. 

For a small investment you can eliminate aches and pains caused by laptop use, and boost your work productivity in the process. 

Plus you’ll give your laptop some room to breathe so it can stay alive longer. 

If you’re after a high-quality laptop stand that meets the criteria outlined above, we can help you out.

At Nexstand we specialise in adjustable laptop stands that are engineered to transform your laptop into an ergonomic desktop workstation.

Stop hunching over your laptop and eliminate aches and pains today with the Nexstand K2 adjustable laptop stand

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